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Updated: Oct 14, 2022

The Bull Swamp Colored School was once a hub of activity for the rural Bull Swamp Church and surrounding communities. As with many historical structures that survived, many remain unrestored and in disrepair. Current interest in preserving the school has led us to embark on a mission to bring it back to its former glory. Because the school was deeded to the Church from Orangeburg District Five for the expressed and documented purpose of developing a "Community Center," we are honored to comply.

The Title for the Old Colored School's Project is: "3R's For the Bull Swamp Colored Schoolhouse: Restore, Repurpose, and Resurrect."

One of the major objectives is to preserve an old school which was built nestled near Bull Swamp Creek on land purchased by former slaves. The land was purchased on

May 3, 1867, two years after the end of slavery. The forested area of the property still provides wonderful aquatic and wildlife habitats. Early baptism was conducted in Bull Swamp Creek.

The preservation efforts will restore and enhance the only remaining three classroom Rosenwald influenced structure in South Carolina as recorded by South Carolina Department of Archives and History. The school received funding under President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration (WPA) (Times & Democrat Newspaper, February 27, 1936). We are endeavoring to build on the vision of the Trustees of Bull Swamp Baptist Church, who were deeded the property from Orangeburg School District Five on January 23, 1959 for the expressed and documented purpose of developing a "Community Center" to serve the needs of citizens of rural Orangeburg and Calhoun Counties.

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